Brandon Woolf for State Controller

Why I’m Running

I’m seeking another term of office because it’s critical that Idaho is served by a State Controller who is tight-fisted with the people’s money, knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly, honest. The stakes are just too high to expect anything less than this from your State Controller.

For example, companies that do business with the State of Idaho depend on my office for timely and accurate payment, as do nearly 25,000 state employees. Even the state’s good credit rating is dependent upon the financial reports I publish. Running the Controller’s office takes a leader with a steady hand – someone who understands just how multi-faceted this job is, and has the right mix of education and experience to do it well.

Then there’s trust. Citizens, employees, vendors and state agencies depend on the services my office provides. Over the years I’ve earned their trust by being reliable, honest to a fault, and always following the rule of law.

It’s one thing for me to tell you I’m trustworthy. However, you can verify this for yourself by talking to the many citizens who have supported me over the years. They know I’m qualified, capable, honest, and the right person for this job. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to earn your trust and support, too.


Brandon D Woolf