Brandon Woolf for State Controller

My Duties

As your elected State Controller, I am one of Idaho’s seven constitutional officers. Like the Governor, the State Controller is in the executive branch of government and serves a four-year term. Many of the statutory duties of my office are enumerated in the Idaho Constitution and in Chapter 10, Title 67 of the Idaho Code.

As Idaho’s chief fiscal officer, I’m responsible for ensuring that every cent of your tax dollars is accounted for and spent in accordance with state law. In essence, I’m responsible for establishing the pre-audit accounting controls that all state agencies are required to follow.

There’s more to the controller’s office than just accounting. I’m also responsible for: paying all of the state’s bills; paying nearly 25,000 state employees on a bi-weekly and monthly basis; and preparing a variety of payroll and accounting reports, including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which helps ensure Idaho’s finances are fully transparent to citizens, policymakers, and the state’s creditors.

Speaking of transparency, my list of responsibilities also includes running Idaho’s comprehensive transparency website, This website, which we launched in January of 2013, provides an easy to use and navigate portal into details about Idaho’s finances and labor force. I take the charge of being Idaho’s guardian of credibility seriously – that’s why I made launching one of my top priorities immediately after taking office.

Given the complex nature of the state controller’s duties, technology plays a vital role in my office’s operations. To fulfill these duties, my office operates a critical state government data center. This advanced and secure data center is the central hub for many of the state’s IT systems.

In addition to these many duties, I serve Idaho’s citizens as a member of the State of Idaho’s Board of Land Commissioners, Secretary to the State of Idaho’s Board of Examiners, a member of the State of Idaho’s Board of Canvassers, a member of the State of Idaho’s College Savings Program Board, and a member of the Idaho Technology Authority.