Brandon Woolf for State Controller

Demonstrating Fiscal Responsibility

Idaho, unlike the federal government, is required by Article VII, Section 11 of our Constitution to end each fiscal year with a balanced budget. As a 6th generation Idahoan, that’s how my family operates its budget.  Like a family, the state can’t spend more than it brings in. Our state’s founding fathers were wise to draft this important sideboard on spending into our constitution – it’s what being fiscally responsible is all about.

For me, a big part of being a lifelong staunch conservative means working to stem the growth of government.  I’m committed to reducing government’s size and influence when it makes sense to do so, and to always being a team player with my partners in state government. I have a solemn duty to only spend your tax dollars, YOUR hard-earned money, in a  prudent and conservative manner in accordance with the law.

Understanding the big financial picture, being honest with the citizens, and putting politics aside when making important financial decisions – that’s also what fiscally responsible leaders do.

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